All Features of Homey's CRM Software

Sales assistend for contractors

Manage your customers with our integrated sales assistant.

Keep in touch with homeowners through our integrated CRM and manage all your projects in your sales pipeline. Homey’s construction estimating software allows you to send quotes and offers and maintain a detailed history of your communication while assisting you with automatic reminders and a clear task management tool and calendar. Stay on top of your leads and turn them into sales every time.

Offers & Invoices:
Simple and efficient with drag & drop and live calculation.

Create professional estimates, invoices, orders, reports, etc. in your own individual layout easily and efficiently & send them in just a few seconds. Our CRM is just like a bid and document software but with many more capabilities. With just a few clicks, you can import your product and service catalogues, adjust prices and taxes, and send customized documents with real-time profit calculation and post-calculation that gives you the highest degree of transparency towards your customers.

Software for invoices and calculation
HR and ressource mnanagement via cloud software

Time-tracking & Employee and Resource Manager.
Everything at a glance.

Get ready for a project management software that covers time-tracking and lets you manage your employees and resources with ease. Like a small ERP for craftsmen and tradesmen, Homey is just what you need to manage your employees, office branches, contracts, user rights, working hours, scheduling, absences (illness, home office, holidays, etc.), and more - all at an employee level. Organize and assign tasks, include notification options via different channels, track subcontractors via GPS, and monitor even the most complex projects through our beautiful management dashboard that includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning options.

Finance & Accounting.

This is as close to an expense management software as it gets, with multiple accounting features to add. Digital administration of offers and invoices as well as of all incoming and outgoing documents. Manage your expenses by uploading your receipts and oversee them in our cost centre. Create different booking accounts and tax rates for various services and revenue streams so that your tax accountant can easily do the rest. Set-up your sales automation process to give your sales team the tools they need to grow your revenue and control of costs.

Accounting software for contractors
Mobile app for contractors

With Android and iOS all data and important functions mobile.

With our Android and iOS app, you can work from the job site and on the go. Perfect for all field management service projects and businesses. Stay connected every step of the way. Benefit from our convenient on-site photo feature & automated image synchronization so you can share them directly with your colleagues in the office. With our electronic signature feature you can create offers immediately and have them signed at the job site by your customer. And don’t forget our communication (mails, sms, phone) & navigation features that allow you to work effortlessly on the go.


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  • iOS & Android App for free
$29 / mo


  • Contacts
  • Office
  • Sales
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  • iOS & Android App for free
$49 / mo


  • Contacts
  • Office
  • Sales
  • Project
  • iOS & Android App for free
  • Enterprise plan: ask for pricing
$89 / mo

Modules & Features


Keep track of your customers, wherever they are.
Contacts, collaborate, documents, communicate, logbook.


Keep track of your finances and your employees, 24/7.
Templates, archive manager, financial manager, employees & branches, notifications


Make more revenue by automating your sales process.
Create estimates & quotes, sales automation, b2b ecommerce, products & services, partner program


Manage your projects end-to-end, on the job site or in the office.
Projects, tasks, dispatch & scheduling, fotos & docs, time-tracking


You don’t need to be a big player to do marketing like one.
Website widget, qualified leads, custom email, login, seo for enterprise, white label for enterprise


Check out our Enterprise platform for more details. Marketing, Sales, White-Label, Lead-Gen, SaaS & digital Sales in one solution.

A Software for all Trades


Homey’s CRM is one of the leading project management software solutions for the construction business. It lets you take photos from the job site, document projects, send offers, and work real-time & synced with your colleagues in the office. Simply a modern construction software.


Are you looking for a roofer software with which you can manage your business in the cloud? Manage your daily business, customers, and projects easily with our CRM, which is the ideal task management software to help you build more roofs. Join hundreds of roofers who use Homey every day.


What more do you need than an HVAC software that lets you manage your customers per app and on the go, when you are driving from one place to next? Schedule appointments, dispatch employees, update projects, and make sure you deliver 100% satisfaction to your too hot or cold customers.


When you are looking for a contractor software for electricians, look no further than Homey’s CRM, which is used by the leading electrical wholesalers and their networks worldwide. Delight your customers, manage your dispatch and scheduling, and go digital with our cloud-based solution.


Imagine a plumbing software that lets you collect leads, monitor your expenses, delegate your employees, and organize your back office - all with one simple project planning software. Plumbers can work from the go by using our Homey contractors app, which includes notifications, GPS-tracking, and more.

Field Service

Our CRM is perfect for all types of field management service that require online to offline customer engagement, particularly enterprises, who have large service professional networks that they want to manage and digitize with one dispatch & scheduling and project management software.

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  • 100% risk free: Trial ends after 30 days.
  • SSL security & cloud technology.
Dennis Walton, Key Account Manager at Homey

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Enterprise Platform

All features of the Homey Platform

Homey enterprise:
connectivity & white label as the basis for a strong platform.

With Homey enterprise, everything is connected and available as a white label solution. This allows you to create your own strong, individual platform: your company, your customers, and your sales network are all that matter. Digitize your business and your customer relationships without big investment costs.
Multi-Language. Multi-brand. Multi-country. Homey enterprise relies on an open platform and a constantly growing ecosystem.

Homey web:
creating a strong presence towards end customers.

Today, more than 80% of consumers research prices, products and providers online before they buy them - B2B and B2C. With Homey web, we offer you a platform where your customers can find you. We let you create an exciting, profitable distribution channel and an end-to-end digital customer journey.

PaaS Website for Lead Gen
CRM for Sales Network

Homey SaaS:
our powerful sales software for your online to offline sales network. Effective. And simple.

Our sales software is an integral part of Homey enterprise. Whether your connected sales network consists of 50 or 50,000 companies: in order to professionalize and digitize processes, your network needs a cloud-based, efficient sales solution. Interfaces play an important role and our SaaS solution connects to any system (Salesforce, SAP, etc.).

Homey login:
our white label login for your end customers.

Connect your CRM and your sales network to the person making the purchase decision. Thanks to a personalized login, you can already exchange digital information with your end customer and provide assistance in the early phases of the purchase decision, making communication with your end customers efficient and mutually enjoyable.

Customer login within Paas Platform
CRM System for Contractors

Homey crm:
manage and analyze your entire sales and partner network.

With Homey crm, you can manage your entire sales network and your end customers all in one solution - the only way to get a consistent picture of your business. Analyze and optimize your internal sales staff regarding their activities and performance. Provide global information to your sales network so that they can interact and communicate with your end customers in a better way.


Lyke's PaaS Platform

More than 15 million visitors on our own platform.

When we set out years ago to help homeowners find green, sustainable energy solutions for renovating their home, never would we have thought that we would end up developing a CRM software that would not only help the homeowner, but more importantly the craftsmen and tradesmen who would end up doing the work. Today, we have thousands of visitors on our platform every day and 15 million to date. Our platform and our software is built for the needs of our customers - because we understand exactly what they need. Over 1000 partners use our software daily to manage and analyse their sales and distribution networks digitally - both for their own internal purposes as well as to sell as white label solutions to their own customers. This is why we are able to offer the best CRM platform for third parties. We know the problems - as well as the solutions.


Contractors & Tradesmen

The craftsman market is fragmented and characterized by traditional, partly analogous structures as well as large deals that are worked on over lengthy periods. Manufacturers, traders and craftsmen have to ask themselves what the craft market will look like in 5 years. With Homey’s CRM, craftsmen can benefit from a solution that lets you manage everything in your business, from project management to sending offers to accounting.


Our CRM is perfect for wholesalers whose products are high-quality and whose customers need more information, consultation, or skilled implementation before they are able to use the product. From medical or agricultural equipment to solar panels and heat pumps - wholesalers from a vatriety of industries use our CRM to manage their service and sales networks digitally and efficiently. To learn more, get in touch with us today!

Electric Utility & Field Service

Energy suppliers are currently experiencing the transition from being an energy producer to being an energy service provider. The current depth of customer relationships is not enough to be profitable in the long term. Renewable decentralized energy and mobility strategies require a realignment of digital distribution channels and closer cooperation with regional networks. Homey’s CRM is perfect for such complex, customer-centric sales networks.

One platform - All the advantages

Homey is the optimal solution for companies that are looking for a CRM or who want to build a digital end-to-end sales network, from an online portal for B2C to a software and CRM network for B2B.

  • 100% white label solution
  • One platform - 4 solutions
  • Individual and customer-centric
  • transparent digital processes
  • Platform-as-a-service for your IT department
  • Tech and process innovation from Germany
  • Multi-brand, multi-language, multi-country
  • Strong SEO experience