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Sales assistant for contractors

Residential Electrical Project Acquisition. Assured Efficiency

Homey software directly increases the efficiency of your business. Thanks to the tools our software offers, new project acquisition is easier than ever. From the first contact with a prospective customer until the last payment of the project, our software is there with you every step of the way. Sending offers, communicating with customers, sharing your electrical drawings and checking your installation schedule are only a fraction of the things our software is capable of doing.

All Your Electrical Drawings Reachable in the Cloud

Having your documents stored in the cloud means having access anywhere anytime with mobile devices. Say you need to see the drawings from a past rewiring project. All you need to do is locate the project (which is so easy thanks to the integrated search function), then choose and display the document you want. Eliminating paperwork and postal mail communication between you and your customers brings your operation into the 21st century.

Software for invoices and calculation
HR and ressource mnanagement via cloud software

Know Your Projects, Know Your People

As an electrical contractor you probably have to carry out other duties such as managing finances and personnel. Without the right tools these duties can get out of hand and prevent you from practicing your craft. Thanks to its algorithm, the time-tracking feature of Homey software does the math for you. In turn you know who worked how long on which project. What is more, you can distribute tasks online. For instance, your subcontractor Nick can take care of that outlet modernization project and Matt can handle the leakage current case.

Finances & Procurement

Every document is a click away. With Homey software you have total control over your inventory. You can easily determine what needs to be ordered and resupplied. You can observe cost changes from month to month. Having an overview of your income and expenses allows you to run a profitable business. Furthermore, the sales automation feature contributes to revenue growth and cost control. Analyze, Plan and Implement!

Accounting software for contractors
Mobile app for contractors

Never Go Off-Grid with Homey App

As an electrical contractor being available is what sets you apart. It brings high client satisfaction. Homey App is always in your pocket. You can see all your documents and contact your customers with your smartphone or tablet. App notifications and calendar reminders refresh your memory about the following steps. Easy navigation and essential features guarantee a user friendly experience. Moreover, whenever in doubt you have the ability to check codes and safety regulations that you have saved in your app. No interruptions on the worksite!


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Modules & Features


Keep track of your customers, wherever they are.
Contacts, collaborate, documents, communicate, logbook.


Keep track of your finances and your employees, 24/7.
Templates, archive manager, financial manager, employees & branches, notifications


Make more revenue by automating your sales process.
Create estimates & quotes, sales automation, b2b ecommerce, products & services, partner program


Manage your projects end-to-end, on the job site or in the office.
Projects, tasks, dispatch & scheduling, fotos & docs, time-tracking


You don’t need to be a big player to do marketing like one.
Website widget, qualified leads, custom email, login, seo for enterprise, white label for enterprise


Check out our Enterprise platform for more details. Marketing, Sales, White-Label, Lead-Gen, SaaS & digital Sales in one solution.

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One Software - A Comprehensive Solution

Homey is the optimal solution for electricians that are looking to digitize their business. Not only it is equipped with the essential CRM functions, it also offers Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Accounting tools to centralize your daily operation.

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