All Features of Homey’s Roofer Software

Sales assistend for contractors

Roofer - Homeowner Relations Simplified

In order to receive roof jobs you must be reachable. After a storm many homeowners are desperate to find reliable roofers. Our integrated CRM is equipped with all the necessary features from sending quotes and offers to communication logs with your customers. Moreover, our synchronized task manager and calendar never let you miss a thing. Get digital and increase your sales!

Efficient Digital Document Management. Contracts & Offers

Homey software for Roofers is designed to smooth your customer acquisition process. As a business you can individualize your estimates, invoices, orders and other documents. For instance, you can add your company logo to your offer form. Just save your templates and only change the relevant parts for different projects. Real time bilateral connection ensures the highest level of transparency between you and your customer. Accessible from everywhere thanks to the cloud, no more paperwork!

Software for invoices and calculation
HR and ressource mnanagement via cloud software

Project and Employee Manager: A Closer Look

Mastering resource and personnel planning is no distant dream with Homey’s Project Module. Under this module you can calculate how many hours were spent on a project with the time-tracking feature and follow your workers through GPS. Additionally, you can assign tasks online. Your employees are able to book their absences in the system (illness, vacation etc.) so that you can make timely arrangements. The result: Finished roofs within the deadlines, efficient business highly recommended by its customers!

Profit & Expenditure

One of the multiple features of our software is its accounting capability. The ability to create and categorize multiple accounts and projects by tax rates eases your tax declaration process. Since you have every single project at your fingertips, you have a clear financial overview. In our cost center you see expense item values such as how much have shingles and other materials costed or what percentage labor constitutes in your annual expenses. Expansion plans for your business are precise when you know where every cent comes from and goes to.

Accounting software for contractors
Mobile app for contractors

Homey App: The Essence of Our Software is Now Mobile. Available for both Android and iOS Devices

Our mobile app supplements our software so that you are always online. Even when you are working on a roof, you can check your smartphone or tablet. Taking and sharing photos on-site, electronic signature, communication & navigation are some of the features of our app. When you are digitally integrated through our app, you eliminate miscommunication and delays. The cherry on top of the cake is that our app is free to use for Homey members.


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Modules & Features


Keep track of your customers, wherever they are.
Contacts, collaborate, documents, communicate, logbook.


Keep track of your finances and your employees, 24/7.
Templates, archive manager, financial manager, employees & branches, notifications


Make more revenue by automating your sales process.
Create estimates & quotes, sales automation, b2b ecommerce, products & services, partner program


Manage your projects end-to-end, on the job site or in the office.
Projects, tasks, dispatch & scheduling, fotos & docs, time-tracking


You don’t need to be a big player to do marketing like one.
Website widget, qualified leads, custom email, login, seo for enterprise, white label for enterprise


Check out our Enterprise platform for more details. Marketing, Sales, White-Label, Lead-Gen, SaaS & digital Sales in one solution.

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One Software - A Comprehensive Solution

Homey is the optimal solution for roofers that are looking to digitize their business. Not only it is equipped with the essential CRM functions, it also offers Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Accounting tools to centralize your daily operation.

  • no installation
  • limitless number of projects
  • individualized offer templates
  • project acquisition
  • online archive management
  • centralized digitalization
  • tested and recommended by German roofers