The all-in-one CRM for service professionals and contractors

Sales assistend for contractors

Manual and automatic time-tracking per GPS coordinates and app

Track your working hours manually or track them automatically through our GPS location tracking. This lets you see how much time your employees really spent on a project site. Likewise, it lets your employees avoid manual data entry and trust in the capabilities of the software. Next time you’ll be able to see whether over time was really spent working or in a bar.

Save time and paper and help your employees focus on work instead of on documentation

Remember the old days when you needed to drive back to headquarters and fill out a timesheet? Those times are long gone. Our app is synchronized real-time with our CRM and lets you inform your back office how much time you spend at each job site or travelling on the road. Not only will this make your service teams happy; but your sales and accounting will be happy that all times and costs are recorded and summarized in one neat management dashboard.

Software for invoices and calculation
HR and ressource mnanagement via cloud software

Create invoice easily and add your logged hours per drag-and-drop for effortless billing

Write an invoice within minutes and make sure you are always billing your customers the right hours. Customize hourly service rates per employee and have our live profit calculation feature summarize all the external costs and hours that you put into the project. This way you will avoid missing out on billable hours or having to postpone on invoices for completed projects. With all the information at your fingertips, your sales and accounting teams will be able to work seamlessly.

Manage your projects and employees simultaneously with our all-in-one CRM

The complexity of managing multiple construction or service projects demands a lot from project managers. Not only do they have to ensure timely delivery of the project but they also have to stay on top of working hours, costs, resources, and billing. By synchronizing these two different parts of the equation, managers can easily control all important aspects of a project in Homey and make sure that all requirements are always met.

Accounting software for contractors
Mobile app for contractors

Review recorded time, vacations, illness and absentee requests in one simple dashboard

Our employee dashboard gives you an overview of all of your employees’ working hours and absence types (vacation, illness, travel) on a daily to yearly basis, allowing managers to review and approve submissions easily. Export and analyze your data to get further insights into your team’s productivity and assign different user rights to let your team work independently.


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Modules & Features


Keep track of your customers, wherever they are.
Contacts, collaborate, documents, communicate, logbook.


Keep track of your finances and your employees, 24/7.
Templates, archive manager, financial manager, employees & branches, notifications


Make more revenue by automating your sales process.
Create estimates & quotes, sales automation, b2b ecommerce, products & services, partner program


Manage your projects end-to-end, on the job site or in the office.
Projects, tasks, dispatch & scheduling, fotos & docs, time-tracking


You don’t need to be a big player to do marketing like one.
Website widget, qualified leads, custom email, login, seo for enterprise, white label for enterprise


Check out our Enterprise platform for more details. Marketing, Sales, White-Label, Lead-Gen, SaaS & digital Sales in one solution.

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Homey’s time-tracking software for contractors and builders

With Homey’s all-in-one CRM you can track your employees working hours and keep your projects aligned at all times. All logged information is synchronized so that you always get a complete overview of your project, from the project status to the costs to the number of employees working in it.

  • manual and automatic time-tracking via GPS
  • employee & resource manager
  • invoices per drag-and-drop
  • iOS & Android app
  • unlimited projects
  • accounting & finance
  • expense management
  • GPS tracking